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We currently offer houseboats for long term rentals. If you would like to receive more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Boat A07****
Available again from November 2002.
This, under architecture rebuilt **** ship, becomes available again in August.
If you have something with boats, water and you also want comfort, space
and design, this ship might be just what you are looking for.
There is a manager who will help you with the technical aspects and who you
can get in touch with, in case you have questions.
Upstairs, near the cabin, you'll find a lovely, cosy kitchen, made with an eye for
original details.
Downstairs you'll find an enourmous room, wich you can arrange to your own taste: with easy rolling panelled doors you can create 4 rooms: a bathroom with 2 showers
and a bath, a study, a dressingroom and a livingroom with stove.
Unique is the patio inside the boat!
Seperated from this room is a very sweet and romantic little room with a 2-persons
bed and a guestroom on the other side of the boat.
Of course there is a normal central heating system on board.

The ships lies on the "Westerdoksdijk" behind a sandy road, because they
are rebuilding a lot in the neighbourhood. That gives a lot of advantages; you can park your car for free, and that's quite unique in the centre of Amsterdam!
The ship is surrounded by other boats; you really must have affection with boats, because you have to walk over two other boats before you reach the entrance.

Rent is 1650,- euro a month. That's excluding gas, electricity, gasoline and commission.
The rent includes furnish, linen, insurance, manager and other costs.
There is a deposit of 2 months required.
Because this is such a special project, we are willing to enter into a contract of 2 months with an option to extend the contract.

The bow of the ship.

The living room.

The cabin.

The bath room.

View at a cruise ship passing by.

A ferry at sunrise.

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