Highly recommended: a very luxurious and grand barge, named "Captain's Place" for 
4 - 6 persons. It is set on a spectacular rebuilt ship, de Pas Meprise, and is located on a beautiful spot on a island less then 10 minutes by bus or bike from Central Station. There are a lot of visitors during the day because of it's well known buildings and famous architecture. A supermarket is close by, restaurants and café's as well. Bikes are for rent on the island. Children are welcome, there are 3 life-jackets on board.
Houseboat B027 (4 - 6 persons) is nearly next door. 

The boat has a modern central heating system, but in the lounge you find a woodstove
for the cosiness. There is a modern well equipped kitchen with dishwasher. In the middle of the boat is a real patio with a glass removable roof with a banana tree and grapes. This patio can be used in the winter as well! There are two bedrooms, spacey and classically decorated, both with private bathrooms with tub and there are extra rollaway beds. From the deck you have a splendid view of passing ships. Further you find two televisions, dvd-player, radio, cd-player and a computer with fast internet connection with Skype on board. The Captain can take you for a tour for a half day (for a reasonable price), to the flowerfields or small villages in the North in a beautiful sloop.Click
here for reviews. 

If  the weather and schedule permit it, you will be picked up by sloop from Central Station. It takes 10 minutes by sloop to Captain's Place.


Patio with class removable roof!

Patio without roof.

Living room

Woodstove in the living room.



Bar between corridor and patio.

Both bedrooms offer a lot of privacy.

Batroom with bathtub.



Captain's Place, a super large boat!